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Why Trade Content?
Trade Content is created and supported by an experienced team in the world of film and TV rights and our innovative platform is made for a secure, end-to-end transaction of rights for both buyers and sellers, where your content can be showcased to a trusted global audience.

With Trade Content, buyers can expect a drastic reduction in friction (cost and time) that many buyers are currently experiencing in discovering new content and acquiring the rights to films and television programmes.

How Does Trade Content Work?



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Search, screen, buy, and negotiate with distributors directly and close the deal in days. Trade Content also provides timely and efficient services on planning and budgeting for marketing materials and instant avails reports with all the information you need.

Content Acquisition

For buyers either distributors, OTT platforms, broadcasters, festivals or cinemas, among others. Browse and discover all available titles for licensing from professional content creators from all around the world.

For Buyer

Trade Content gives you free access to the catalogues of our distributors on our user optimised platform. Access is also available to marketing materials such as subtitles, posters, and trailers before purchasing any film or television programme rights.

Free Access Just For You!

Content Distribution

For sellers either sales agents, producers or filmmakers, among others.

For Seller

It’s time to reach out to global community and worldwide buyers and showcase your content, highlight your titles, and complement all your sales channels on our secure online marketplace.

Do you own content?

Easily keep track of all rights and contracts of your project. We provide convenient and systematic data collection and reporting of film rights, ownerships, and duration. Lastly, negotiate directly with buyers, close the deals in a matter of days and complete secure online transactions in just a few clicks!

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